AI is a threat! Really?

Part 1: Audio

The intelligence exhibited by anything other than Living beings which is equal to or more than the intelligence of the Living being.

  1. Is AI a threat?
  2. Is AI over-hyped?
  3. Can AI be learned by all?
  4. Does the industry have unrealistic expectations from it?

If you want a one line straight forward answer, then

AI is not a threat at all, atleast for another five decades or more.

And yeah, if you are here trying to use fiction movies to justify your answer then, please don’t.

Just to be on point, let us see the stuff that AI has achieved so far,

  1. Due to the availability of good GPU’s, we are able to train the model with huge datasets and hence teach the model to detect suspicious activities. Whether that is in video surveillance, credit card fraud detection, military and many others.
  2. It is also being used to auto verify the documents for bank account creation, loan approvals and others.
  3. What about the chatbots that you have come across?
  4. More accurate appropriation of company budgets : Whether a company is trying to draw up its marketing budget or understanding how much needs to be spent on customer-specific research, AI helps them get a more accurate estimate of their specific cost involvements and resource allocations. This is crucial to operational efficiency and profitability of fintech players. Some tasks involve a lot of cognitive intelligence and brainwork, which leads to certain customers facing processes like documentations and verifications more time consuming and prone to errors. But AI automates this process by first learning from the previous data collected and produces unmatchable results.
  5. Movie scripting and Music generation : Yup you heard that right. Did’nt expect that, did you? AI could be trained on scripts and stories and then used to generate stories for you. One such famous script is ‘SunSpring’, check it out. And yeah it could be used to mimic the works of Beethoven too.
  6. Medicine and Bio-technology : Yes, AI models are used to simulate the effects due to the combination of various chemicals, which inturn could be used to cure diseases. The feat which would take humans decades could be predicted within minutes with a trained model.

These are just an abstract of few stuff which AI could perform.

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