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DogeCoin, a coin that has grown by 19098.6% in the last 1 year, a moon shot for those who had bought DogeCoin which was based on a Doge Meme. In this post we will see as to how you can earn the DogeCoin for free, by just browsing on Brave Browser.

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Brave Browser

If you are not aware of the Brave browser, it is a browser that blocks ads and trackers on the websites that you visit. Not just that, it also provides a way to earn real money or Basic Attention Token ( BAT ) tokens for just browsing using the browser. Wait, you are imaginging that it will have annoying ads popping up often? No, they will be notifications that you can control how often they appear. If you do not want them to appear, you can turn them off.

Ways to earn

Let us look at the ways you can earn using the Brave Rewards program, and then discuss about DogeCoin.

1. Earn using the Brave Rewards Program

Using the Brave Rewards Program you will be able to earn Basic Attention Tokens ( BAT ), for clicking on the Ad Notifications that you will get say 2-3 times an hour. Every click will give you a certain fraction of Basic Attention Tokens ( BAT ). Now why do we need BAT? BAT is also another cryptocurrency, just like DogeCoin. It will also have its fluctuating value in the market just like other cryptocurrencies. There will also be options to disable ads and hence disable the rewards.

Let us look at the steps you need to follow to enable ads: -> Open Brave Browser -> Open the Menu on the top right corner -> Click on Brave Rewards -> Here you will be able to turn the Ads on/off -> In the same Ads section, you can click on the settings icon to configure how many ads you want to see every hour, more the ads, more the rewards.

2. Earn using the Brave Creators program

Do you have a website of your own? A Youtube Channel of your own? A twitter Page? A Github Page? A Vimeo Page? A Twitch Page? Then you will be able to monetize your page and earn in the preffered currency. Yes, you not only can earn BAT tokens with this method, but can also earn in INR, USD or a bunch of other currencies including cryptocurrencies. Once you link your page with the Program, when the users of Brave browser visit your page, they will be able to contribute BAT tokens to the page, which in turn will be transferred to you.

Let us look at the steps you need to follow in-order to become a creator: -> Have a website / YouTube Channel / Twitter account / Github account / Twitch Channel / Vimeo Account -> Login into https://creators.brave.com/sign-up -> Enter your email id -> Fill the details and click on ‘Add Channel’ -> Select on the content of yours that you want to link with the program -> That is it, once the verification is done, you will start earning as visitors visit your page.

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Where to store the earned money?

You will have to create an Uphold account, which is free, on https://uphold.com/en-us. And then linking uphold account to the Brave Browser and the Brave Creators Program would help you get all the rewards to your Uphold account, from which you can withdraw the rewards.

Let us look at the steps you need to follow to link to Uphold: -> Open Brave Browser -> Open the Menu on the top right corner -> Click on Brave Rewards -> On the right side, click on ‘Verify Wallet’ -> And follow the procedure. That is it.

DogeCoin for free

Uphold serves as not only a wallet, but it is also a cryptocurrency exchange platform and you can also invest in companies. So once your rewards come to your Uphold account, you can actually use these rewards to invest in the cryptocurrency of your choice, and in this case it will be DogeCoin.

Let us look at the flow here: -> The Brave Rewards go to your Uphold Wallet -> You transact this reward to buy DogeCoin on Uphold -> That is it, you can hold any cryptocurrency for free in this way.

These methods are explained above in an intention to help others, please do your own research and please be careful on what information you share with anyone. There are a lot of fraudulent cases in the financial sector, and it is best to save what we have, than to lose what we have trying to multiply it. If we want to multiply it, then it isn’t easy, one needs a lot of dedication, knowledge and financial advice. Be Wise!

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