8 Freelancing blunders to avoid

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What is Freelancing???

To be brief, It is a Job where you are the boss and you take projects directly from the client and do the majority of the work yourself. You mostly work alone on the project. You get paid for the projects which you work on.

These are some Biggest Blunders made by Freelancers and you need to avoid them.

1. Never Pick Projects from an unauthorized source

Rely on Trusted sources/websites. Do not trust Facebook/LinkedIn groups where you get projects. There are many incidents of how clients have cheated by just paying 50% and receiving the project.

2. Never be Greedy

You would probably never end up at your project if you are greedy.Bid for reasonable rates. Build good reputation first.

3. Never Ignore the Terms and Conditions/Guidelines of the Marketplace

Read the rules of conduct before you start to use the Website. You may get blocked for not following the guidelines.

4. Don’t forget to communicate with your Client

Your first goal must be to understand the project really well and be honest to yourself about whether you can complete the project. Be open to your client.Share your progress with your client regularly, so that , If you go offtrack, it would be easy for you to get back on track.

5. Never agree to an Unauthorized Payment from the Client

Sometimes the client wants you to receive money in direct payment, If you do not know them personally Don’t accept it. They try to do that to prevent the service charges from the Freelance Website. They many even cheat you on the payment. Always use the Marketplace Payment Gateway.

6. Never! Ever! Commit to more than 3 projects at max.

You will drop your efficiency and reputation if you Flop on your projects.

7. Choose the Freelance Website/ Clients carefully

There are some websites which just don’t work out. So research well about the website where you are spending your valuable time.

8. If you are a beginner, Never get stuck waiting for your project from a single website.

Spend some time in registering in a few reliable Freelancing websites.

These are some most unnoticed mistakes that we do. So stay safe and don’t waste your valuable talent and time. Have a great Day!!

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