Complete Roadmap to Learn data science / Machine Learning. How did I learn & how did my internship at an A.i startup help?

Listen in detail in the below podcast:

Podcast Episode - 18 - Steps to become better at DataScience & Machine Learning

Key points:

  1. Start by learning Mathematics like Statistics, Regression, Algebra, Calculus.
  2. Learn the mathematics behind data science from Andrew NGs Coursera free course.
  3. Learn machine learning algorithms and how to implement them in Python from Kirill Ermenko’s Machine Learning course on Udemy. Kirill Eremenko
  4. Practice more problems, learn from other’s code.
  5. Register on Kaggle and practice there.
  6. Read research papers
  7. Follow people who are into Machine Learning to stay up-to-date.
  8. Get an A.i internship, don’t focus on the stipend, get one where you can work closely with the artificial intelligence team.

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