What is AI up to?

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Where do you see AI in the future?

If you are one among those, you would say ‘Robots destroying and taking over humans, fire everywhere‘. LOL, that could happen, but believe me, we are damn far away from it.

Is AI overhyped?

Not at all , the possibilities of AI are not yet completely explored. So let us look at some things that AI can achieve in the near future:

1. Explainable predictions

Just understanding a user’s past from his data could not yield the desirable results. So the AI would be developed to understand the cognitive/logical path of reasoning that leads to a certain decision. This would make the predictions more error-free and hence accurate. So the predictions would be reliable.

2. Medicines and surgery

  • AI would be developed to assist surgeons on their surgery which would lead to a higher success rate at Medicine.
  • AI would be used to communicate with patients whose disability restricts them from communicating with the world.
  • AI would be used to discover new medicines without the unnecessary need of testing it on animals and humans, that too pretty quickly ( 100 times faster and efficient).

3. Emotional Analysis

Behavioural insights are meaningless without understanding their emotional impact. AI now is able to suggest songs simply based on your mood patterns, for real. Emotional AI will largely depend on human psychology, facial expressions, voice modulations, changes in brain waves, etc. to understand what you exactly want and suggest products or services accordingly (anti-spam) .

4. Real–time risk detection:

  • Whether it is stock market analysis or bitcoin price prediction, the real time prediction would be of great help for companies that completely depend on these. The latest AI technology will be able to turn real time updates into instantaneous business insights.
  • It would report you on possible threats that may occur any sooner, based on which businesses and their clients will be able to make effective decisions.

These are just a very few applications of AI. Than debating that it is bad, we can use AI constructively towards development purposes.

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